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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Used Truck Sales Heavy duty trucks for sale JASTRUCKS South Texas Truck Sales Kenworth Peterbilt Freightliner Volvo International trucks for sale

South Texas Truck Sales
1318 W. Frontage Rd. 
Alamo, Tx 78516
956 217 5009

If your in the market to buy a used truck, South Texas Truck Sales, JASTRUCKS has trucks good quality used trucks for sale. Most of the trucks we buy are conventional sleeper trucks, and day cab trucks. Trucks that are dependable working trucks with good clean engines and transmissions. Normally the trucks we get in are 2005-07 trucks, "Pre Emissions" Freightliner, Kenworth Peterbilt International and Volvo Trucks. We are located in the Lower Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. We also offer Financing for Good and Bad Credit situations. With minimal down payments. Call or visit our website, www.jastrucks.com