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Sunday, May 17, 2015

3 things you need to be a Successful Truck Driver

3 things you need to be a Successful Truck Driver

Being a truck driver in the United States is a very important job being that the entire economy of America is dependent of the transportation industry.  Truck drivers transport all sorts of items that the whole country needs and are as important as food.  Truck driving positions pay as much as 26,000 per year all the way to 58,000 a year and more.  That is a very good income and is considered a strong middle class salary without the need of college education. Although this profession may seem easy to embark on, the reality is that it requires individuals who will work hard to get the job done.  To become a successful truck driver a person needs to be in good physical and mental health, have a valid and clean CDL, and have good work ethic. 

Being in good physical shape is a characteristic that will makeyou successful immediately since most states require you to have a valid medical certificate obtained by an extensive physical exam.  A commercial driver in the United States is limited to 11 cumulative driving hours with a rest of NO LESS than 10 consecutive hours.  It is important that the rest is in fact a true rest of sleep and comfort. Even if your physical exam has good results, try maintaining your body by working out so that you can be strong enough and have good posture to manage heavy workloads. Eating healthy balanced meals, taking supplements and vitamins regulated by a health professional should also help you maintain your body strong and fueled as much as you fuel your truck.  Drinking enough water, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol should overall add to your good health.  Keeping a strong and stable mental health is fundamental for your well-being. Mental health includes your psychological, social and emotional state that supports every decision you make, regulates what you feel, and helps solve any situations (big or small) in your daily life.  With good mental health you will be able to handle the stress the job comes with and make decisions that are good for you, your employer, and everyone that is sharing the road with you throughout your journey.  It is important to keep your health free of illness. If you are going through any situation that is causing a change in your well-being, it is important to address it to your doctor so that you may be referred to a professional that will guide you and help you recover completely.  Good mental health promotes productivity at work, positivity, good cope of stress and helps you work to your full potential in good spirits and with professionalism. Although these are just common tips for good health, HEALTH is what you need to stay atop in this profession and to be a successful truck driver.

To be a successful truck driver you need to always comply with all laws and regulations to maintain your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) valid.  This license as you know is needed to operate a heavy duty truck so if you passed your exam you then know all about highway safety, the parts of your truck, and know how to fully operate a commercial vehicle.  It is imperative that you have your CDL with you when driving no matter what.  You cannot be careless about this because you want to be able to comply with any authority that will ask for it during your trips.  You cannot afford to have a suspended CDL because this will cause you a penalty of up to $2500-5000 in fines or even time in prison in case of aggravated situations.Traffic violations such as reckless driving and speeding or offenses connected with traffic accidents can get you suspended for as long as five – ten years.  Maintaining your CDL also prohibits you from ever driving under the influence of controlled substances or alcohol which can cause you to incur a 3 year – life suspension and/or prison.  If you have any conviction you must report within 30 days to your employer no matter the nature of your conviction or violation. It is important to maintain your driving logs as well and to follow all rules concerning your driving schedule.  If you maintain your CDL in good standards you will become a bigger asset to the company you work for and possibly be able to ask for a better salary or additional benefits.  You will definitely be successful then.

Finally, having a good work ethic will make you successful as a truck driver and in any other job you wish to pursue.  Good work ethic relates to the quality of work you produce, the sense of responsibility you own, and the discipline you have during the time at work.  It also includes integrity which deals directly with being honest, loyal, and trustworthy in your everyday life.  It is important to always speak with the truth and to handle all matters with clarity and high standards.  You need to keep your word always and when you can’t it is important to communicate in an honest and precise manner with your boss. Having good work ethic includes being on time to your place of work or to where you need to arrive during your driving time.  It is important to notify if changes in schedule occur and to be courteous to everyone that depends or works with your schedule.  It is important to limit your absences. Keep in mind that your company depends on your work and you are an important component of their overall performance.  If you need to be absent call ahead if the situation permits or notify as soon as you can. If you need time off, always speak with the truth and ask for the days needed.  Companies know that drivers many times need to fully rest to return to work ready to tackle the hours.  Whatever the reason, always speak with the truth and in an honest manner. Good work ethic will make your employer have trust in you and know that you will get the job done whether you are being supervised or not.  Good work ethic will also make you valuable for the company you work for and you will also be a strong representation of them.  This will turn you into a stronger asset for them and thus making you more successful as a truck driver.

If your call is in the transportation industry and you want to become a truck driver, you need to be aware that it is not an easy profession and that you will need to work hard to reap the benefits of good pay. If you are already a truck driver, it takes dedication and continuity of good working habits to stay strong in this line of work. However, if you encourage good physical and mental health, stay in compliance to maintain your CDL, and have a strong work ethic you will definitely succeed as a truck driver.