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Saturday, May 2, 2015

The best truck you can buy for under $20,000

Used kenworth Truck for sale 

Low price economical pre emissions trucks are hard to come by,  it seems like the prices for 2007 and older have gone dramatically up. Mainly because of the bad rep emissions trucks have. Luckily you can still find road ready trucks for under $20k. We deal with over the road conventional sleeper trucks. Whether you like cummins cat or detroit, there is a perfect truck for you and your specific needs. We have a 2005 Kenworth T600 with a Cummins isx 10 speed manual. This truck would be good for the oil fields in South Texas, Flatbed hauls, or Dry hauls as well. The Cummins ISX puts out around 5-6 MPG, tires still have alot of life left, as well as the motor
 This truck has a short wheel base, weighs around 16-17k lbs, has aluminum wheels. I think its a good idea to buy a light truck and make more money if you get paid by the pound.