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Sunday, June 21, 2015

CDL Truck driving jobs

The Top Three jobs you can get with a CDL (commercial driver license)

After completing a commercial driving course and passing your written test on parts of a truck and highway safety, you finally obtain a CDL.  You know that this license can get you a good paying job but you really had not thought about what type of job you wanted to have until you actually had your CDL.  Here are the top three jobs you can pursue in the transportation business that will require a CDL and that are good paying jobs you will be proud of having.

1. Passenger Vehicle Bus Driving: This line of transportation can be either across the state, country or can cross national borders.  Bus drivers take their customers to places they want to visit for vacation, work, or any other reason passengers chose this safe and less expensive method of traveling.  This job requires drivers to pick up and drop off at bus stations.  The job requires the driver to ensure that all travelers have a valid ticket usually bought at the station or online, follow a dispatcher most of the time, and help passengers with their baggage.  It is a great way to make a living being that you can travel to great places in the company of many people.  The average income for this line of transportation is $38,000. Keep in mind you can also apply for school bus driving (median salary $30,000) and City bus driving (median salary $32,000). 

2. Courier Transportation: Courier transportation is when a driver delivers packages and mail.  This line of transportation is fast paced being that you are under a schedule that guarantees the delivery to the customer as best possible.  This line of work provides security, tracking, express services, and signature requirements, along with many other services that regular mail will not provide.  This line of work will require your energy daily but it will never be dull.  The routes will more than likely differ each day along with the people you meet and type of package you deliver.  Companies in the courier business include DHL Express, Fed Ex, and UPS among others.  The average hourly pay for this line of transportation is $24 dollars. 

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3. 18 Wheeler Transportation: This type of transportation also known as semi-trucks, carry freight throughout the entire country and also across national borders.  This line of transportation is the hardest to work under but it is definitely the best paid.  It is difficult because life on the road can become tiring and a driver does not get to see their family every day.  However, they do enjoy beautiful places and get to know many cities or even another country.  An 18 Wheeler transporter has the potential to make as much as $59,000 yearly as a company driver. This amount is similar to one of a college graduate without requiring a degree or a lot of training either.  An owner operator can even make up to $75,000 which is why most truck drivers want to be the owners of their own truck.   This line of work moves everything and is essential for every single person in the nation and in other countries as well.  Truck drivers transport finished goods, oil, raw materials, and almost anything that needs to be made and distributed. It is no wonder their work is paid excellent.

If you want to obtain your Commercial Driver’s License DO NOT hesitate.  Work will always be available to women and men who are good drivers and have this license. It will be up to you to decide what you want to drive and the salary you want to make.  But again, do not hesitate and get your CDL as soon as you can.  It will never hurt to have it and be able to have job options immediately.