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Monday, June 15, 2015

Top 3 Trucking Gadets

The top Three Gadgets all Truck Drivers Need

Although we are inclined to buy all sorts of innovative gadgets we feel we need, most are just a novelty and fun for some time.  These new gadgets are usually not necessary to use during work hours when you are mostly driving on the road.  Most gadgets bring unique characteristics that add spice to your life, but at the end, are not a necessity and of grand use as the following three gadgets needed when on the road.

1. GPS Navigator: Long gone are the days when we depended on maps for traveling to our destination.  Who has time to understand them and how difficult is it to stop and actually read it? Luckily, technology has come far enough to provide for us a global positioning system that is a spaced based satellite system of navigation that provides for you location, time data,  how to get to our destination,  and guides us as to the best route or fastest way to go.  Many GPS systems include weather conditions, and locate for you places of interest such as restaurants, gas stations, and hospitals.  GPS systems also let you enter addresses, streets, and places and have a voice activated system that acts as your guide to your destination. How nice is it to know your exact location and to have a device to guide you in and out and to and from your destination for a cost of between 250-350 Dollars?

2. Smartphone: A mobile phone is a device that lets you communicate by making a phone call or possibly by sending a text message.  Aside from that, a regular old school mobile phone is not smart. When on the road, you need a device that is smart enough to help you get work done while also making life easier for you and many times fun as well. You probably know that Iphones or Androids provide for you popular apps and services such as email. BUT you really have to get to know your phone and what it can do. Aside from making and receiving calls, know that many new smartphones provide for you a flashlight, a form of GPS (comes handy if your navigator is not with you), a great camera, weather apps to guide you while on the road and a clock that gives you the time in different cities you wish to know about, among so many other features.  Make sure that when you DO use your smartphone to make a phone call and you are driving, you use a Bluetooth that can let you use your phone hands-free and therefore preventing many accidents from happening. Use your email to communicate formally in all work related issues therefore maintaining a valid log of all your activity.  Download music to your phone and enjoy it while on the road. Download apps such as hotels.com to locate a hotel near you and their rates while at the same time letting you pay from the app.  Download yelp to guide you as to what to eat or where to go in a city you do not know using user reviews. Let the TripAdvisor app guide you to things to do or flights you may take from a city you are not familiarized with.  If you are into social media, download your favorite one and interact with whomever you wish (while you are NOT driving). Download an app for news you wish to be informed about. What is there not to love about a smartphone when on the road and pretty much just anywhere? Make sure to use it as much as you can and be smart every single time by using your smart phone appropriately.

3. Amazon Fire TV Stick: This device that is similar in size and form as a generic USB, lets entertainment take place right in your truck during your time of rest.  When you stop to rest at truck stops, sometimes all you wish to do is relax in bed with TV episodes, movies, HBO Go or games of your interest and like.  This device connects to your TV (you will have to make sure the TV you have is compatible with it), and immediately gives you access to over 200,000 TV episodes, Netflix movies, and also lets you “mirror” your smartphone or tablet to your TV. Make sure you also enjoy playing great games you love and make great use of the control remote it comes with. As long as you have WIFI, and truck stops DO have it, then you will be able to feel right at home and let time pass by fast and in the most enjoyable way possible.  What more entertainment do you need?