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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Heavy truck financing

Truck Loans with bad Credit

You don't need good Credit to get a truck from us. 90% of our customers have very poor credit and are still able to get approved for a truck loan. It’s never been easier or more economical to finance a truck than with South Texas Truck Sales. Our finance packages require just a 15-25% down payment, and low monthly payments Best of all, we work with lenders to provide you the best option for you to start making money, without the stress of a High monthly payment. We work with startups, first time buyers and investors
Fast:Get approved in 24 hours!
Simple interest loans, NO LEASE!
Smart:chose from 12-48 months with NO Pre Payment Penalty
Call us to get approved: 956 217 5009
  1. Proof of income (2 years Income tax, or 6 Months Bank Statements)
  2. Valid copy of commercial driver license 
  3. 5 years minimum driving experience 
  4. Proof of Business entity ( if applicable assumed name dba, LLC )
  5. 5 References
  6. (2) Proof of address  
  7. Insurance (Comp & Collision) 
  8. Down Payment