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Sunday, May 15, 2016

What to expect when financing a heavy duty truck with little or no credit

This is how easy it is to finance a truck with South Texas Truck Sales 

Tips on truck financing

People often ask us in person or over the phone, "what exactly do I need to finance a truck with you?"
Its a very good question, most people haven't applied for truck loan and don't know what to expect.

Here is a brief explanation, and list of what we ask for in order to finance a truck with us.

1. Pick out a truck. 
Its best if the customer comes and sees the truck physically to make sure its what they want. We encourage the customer to test drive the truck and make sure its what they're looking for.

2. Apply for credit
After the customer has decided on a truck, the next step would be to apply for credit and get approved. We have a VERY high approval rating, so don't worry about getting credit with us, as long as you have the following requirements you should be good.

3. Bring Documents 
In general, we ask for several items from the customer. These are basic items that anyone with  a steady job should have.
A. Copy of license or CDL. (non CDL applicants can also get approved.)
B. Proof of income (6 months recent bank statements or 2 yrs recent tax returns)
C. Proof of address (most recent and current utility bill)
D. References
E. 2-5 yr job history (depending on applicant)
F. Insurance, Comp & Collision
G. Proof of down payment, (certified funds)
H. Signed contract

4. Take delivery of truck
Once we have all the items from No. 3, it usually takes approximately 24 hours for the customer to receive delivery of their new truck.  We provide a temporary buyer tag which last 45 days, and we also title the truck under the customer name.

We provide funding from various lenders, I hope this information helps you when purchasing a truck with us. The list provided applies to most customers, and every deal is different.
For more info, please send us an email or call us  956 217 5009 ext. 2 Financing