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Sunday, May 28, 2017

This new Startup is Capitalizing on Self Driving Big Rigs

The beginning of self driving trucks is getting closer than we think. 

Embark Is a startup company started by Alex Rodrigues, they plan to take the technology behind self driving cars, and apply it to heavy duty trucks. Embark received its first truck back in August and have been testing it ever since. They loaded the truck up with an excessive amount of sensors and highly advanced tools to make sure their prototype will be able to haul massive loads all across the country, and soon worldwide. 

According to the popular website theverge.com, Rodrigues says the following “We chose this industry because it’s focused and it has an immense scale and impact on everyday lives,” said Rodrigues in an interview with The Verge this week. “Trucking was the place to make a difference.”

Believe it or not, the intention behind the idea of autonomous self driving truck is that it will only be able to drive on the highways. Its not being built or spec'd to handle city driving.